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The Book of Adam
The Autobiography of the First Human Clone 



Humanity’s search for identity and immortality takes a new twist with the birth of Adam Elwell-2, the first human clone. The Book of Adam is that clone’s autobiographical account of his initial fifty years, exploring the human cloning debate from his singular perspective. 

Adam Elwell-2’s memoir plunges us into a thrilling family drama that explores the social, religious, scientific, and highly personal ramifications of a world in the near future where it becomes commonplace to have oneself cloned after death. 

In the end, it’s the story of one man’s fear of dying, and all that comes from his desperate search for immortality. 

Through Robert M. Hopper’s debut novel, we get an inside glimpse into what it might be like as the first human clone, allowing us to “climb into his skin and walk around in it.” It’s a journey filled with a mix of drama and humor that presents us with intriguing insights into what makes us human and what makes us monsters.